Selena Gomez In Rehab For Depression

In early September, Selena Gomez privately admitted herself into a high-rated rehab facility on the East Coast in a final attempt to control a health and emotional crisis.

Shocking her fans, in late August, Selena Gomez canceled her Revival tour. She said she was taking time to focus on her health and well-being. The 24-year-old battled lupus and is going to great lengths to put her life back together.

A source says that she’s staying in a women’s only center in a wooded area for over 60 days.

Unlike other celebrities seeking treatment in top-rated facilities to defeat substance abuse, Gomez’s rehab is somewhere that Selena doesn’t have any ties. It is not a mainstream celebrity facility. A source said that Selena Gomez isn’t going in for drug-relating issues, and the cause of her problems are relating to her medical issues and depression.

The location and name of the facility is being kept private.

The source says the center has a Christian focus which was appealing to Selena due to her religious beliefs.

Selena Gomez will undergo intense therapy during her two-month stay. There is also equestrian therapy available. Over time, the residents are able to occasionally leave with a group for trips.

An insider said that since she arrived, the facility has heightened security quite a bit.

Recently, Selena Gomez’s public arguments with her ex, Justin Bieber on social media, and the shocking murder of her best friend, Christina Grimmie, contribute to her depression.

Near the end of August, Selena said she wanted to focus on her happiness and health. And the best way to do that is to take some time off. She thanks her fans for their support, and hopes they understand that she needs to face her issues head. That’s the only way to know she’s doing everything in her power to be her best self. She says that she hopes this will encourage others to address their own problems and gain the strength to face them.