Michigan’s Least Performing Schools In 2015

Hence, the state has recently announced the lowest performing schools. However, nearly a dozen West Michigan schools have made the state’s list of least scoring schools for 2015. Therefore, 124 public schools made the lowest 5 percent. As a result, 17 are in West Michigan.

A large amount of the low-scoring schools are in Detroit and won’t be closed by the state until 2019 because of how the laws financial bailout were written.  However, they are struggling to help the students regardless.

As a result, 58 of the 116 open schools are in Detroit’s area.  The schools may be folded back into the district when a state made a better plan for next year.

The spokeswoman says the state will not force the Detroit schools to close at least three years because of the legislation that created a new debt-free area.

As a result, Michigan’s School Reform Office removed seven schools from “priority” status after seeing improved test results by students.

So, here are the lowest scoring schools in West Michigan:


Muskegon Public Schools
Marquette Elementary School, 2015 Priority.
Muskegon Heights Academy, 2010 Priority


Grand Rapids Public Schools
Burton Elementary School, 2015 Priority.
Burton Middle School, 2015 Priority.
Martin Luther King Leadership Academy, 2013 Priority.
Westwood Middle School, 2015 Priority.
Hope Academy of West Michigan, 2014 Priority.
Michigan Virtual Charter Academy, 2014 Priority.


Washington Writers’ Academy, 2013 Priority.
Woodward School for Technology and Research, 2013 Priority.


Battle Creek Public Schools
Dudley School, 2013 Priority.


Benton Harbor Area Schools
Benton Harbor High School, 2010 Priority.
Dream Academy, 2011 Priority.
International Academy at Hull, 2013 Priority.
STEAM Academy at MLK, 2012 Priority.
Montessori Academy At Henry C Morton, 2013 Priority.
Benton Harbor Charter School Academy, 2015 Priority.

Hence, The Lowest Performing Schools In Michigan