Susan Hawk, Dallas County D.A. Returns To Job

After over three months, Susan Hawk, District Attorney of Dallas County, is coming back to her post. Hawk reported Thursday morning that she had come back to her office. This comes after several stretches at mental health facilities in Houston and Tucson.

Since taking office in 2015, Hawk has received in-patient treatment for depression disorder three times. She likewise sought treatment for a painkiller addiction during her campaign against sitting district attorney Craig Watkins. Hawk and her office are hesitant to give any information about Hawk’s potential come back to the lead prosecutor’s office.

In an announcement issued Thursday, Hawk clarified that is was a part of her recuperation process to not set a date for her return.

Republican, Susan Hawk, just needs 11 additional days to remain in office to guarantee that Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, will get the chance in naming her substitution. This replacement will then serve up to the midterm race in 2018. If she resigns before then a new race will be held in November. In her announcement, Hawk noted her intention to remain the district attorney.