Rickki Rockett Receives The Best News

Poison drummer Rickki RockettPoison drummer Rickki Rockett just received the best news of his life. After fighting oral cancer for over a year, the drummer for Poison has been proclaimed cancer free by specialists.

Rockett then went to Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego Health for treatment, where he participated in experimental immunotherapy. Rockett, 54, says love and concern for his family drove him to seek the experimental treatment.

Miraculously, the immunotherapy worked and his tumor is now gone. Rockett declared his uplifting news in an Instagram photograph of himself and the man who managed the trial, Ezra Cohen, MD. “On account of this man, I am tumor free!!!” he wrote in the triumphant subtitle.

“We are ecstatic that Rikki reacted so well to immunotherapy,” said Cohen in an announcement to PEOPLE. “He had been through a great deal with chemotherapy and radiation treatment before he came to us, yet his disease repeated. That is the upside of immunotherapy over conventional treatment. There are fewer reactions with immunotherapy, we can kill growth cells anywhere in the body, and it’s viable against tumors that are impervious to chemotherapy and radiation.”

Rockett feels confident that the immunotherapy will have the ability to help individuals who have tried all other avenues . He also believes that it can serve as a reasonable alternative to chemotherapy and radiation for those that have the disease.

“My confidence going forward is that by conversing with other cancer patients, I may be able to diminish their pain. I know from experience that chemotherapy and radiation are not fun. On the off chance that I can help any other individual, it would offer motivation to what I have experienced.”

Rockkett is currently 56. He has been with Poison since the beginning and has featured on every single one of their albums.