33 Overdose On K2 In New York

At least 33 people went to the hospital Tuesday due to a mass overdose of K2, or synthetic marijuana. The drug is said to be an epidemic in this particular area of New York City.

Police began receiving calls around 9:30 am that various individuals seemed to be overdosing in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Witnesses say the scene looked like a “Zombieland,” with people lying on the walkway, shaking, and leaning toward trees and fire hydrants. Others report seeing people unable to stand up, and those that were standing would fall straight to the ground.

It was not clear what the casualties had ingested at first, yet police say a majority of the victims had been smoking K2.

Dennis Gonzalez reports that synthetic marijuana use in that part of Brooklyn was out of control. “It’s escaping our hands,” Gonzalez said. “They even lay in the road; we need to walk and drive around them. It’s an excessive amount to keep under control.”

The mayor’s office also issued an announcement on Tuesday saying it had recorded a spike in K2-related crisis room visits associated with the occurrence in Brooklyn. As a result, the agency said it was researching and observing emergency places over the city.

“We remind New Yorkers that K2 is extremely unsafe,” the mayor’s office said. “The city’s open mindfulness endeavors and practical implementation activities over the previous year have added to a huge decrease in ER visits identified with synthetic marijuana.”

Because each chemical mixture of K2 is different, its impact is unpredictable. K2 can cause compelling tension and anxiety, vomiting, seizures, distrustfulness, hallucinations, increased heart rate, kidney failure and diminished blood supply to the heart.

It’s illegal to sell, possess, or manufacture K2 in New York City. Finally, the NYPD will continue conducting raids on shops suspected of selling synthetic marijuana. Authorities have also warned drug treatment centers and homeless shelters of the reaction of this particular batch.

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