Lake Michigan College President Wastes $20k

Lake Michigan College’s former president, Jennifer Spielvogel, has been officially fired.  After a short term of only four months due to excessive unauthorized expenses. The fired president of LMC allegedly spent $20,000. She spent it on traveling unrelated to the college, office renovations, her inauguration ceremony, and other expenses without approval. Spielvogel was hired from Cleveland’s Cuyahoga Community College.

As of April 8th, 2016 she was no longer apart of the Community College. Other reasons for her suspension is that the board intended to fire her in January 2016. About 4,200 students in the four schools made sure that the president’s administrative work came to an end sooner at the schools.

The board’s decision to fire Spielvogel includes inadequate goals and objectives. In addition to unauthorized and unapproved expenses, renovations to her office, and policy violations. Jennifer Spielvogel has made improper comments, used large amounts of college funding for her inauguration. Spielvgel had a great lack of professionalism in the workplace.

Spielvogel failed to ask permission before spending nearly $2,800 on a new design to remodel her President’s office. She spent more than $5,000 to travel to two conferences on behalf of her previous employer, with no benefits to Lake Michigan College.

Spielvogel had responsibility of $6,000 from charity events, to build relationships with the college’s partners. Also to cover the organization members dues, but she instead bought personal tickets to a Kenny Chesney concert. The remainder of the money she used to make a donation to the college’s scholarship auctions in her own name without proper clearance or acknowledgement of those who gave the original donation.

The former president spent more than $7,000 of the college’s money to her own personal advancement for her inauguration. The boisterous ceremony included a ceremonial chain of office medallion, invitations, decorations and a special cap and gown to wear during the event.

Jennifer Spielvogel was got the position of 70 different candidates that applied for the same position. She has an adamant background in leadership; in being very data driven in making responsible decisions and had vast experience. Spielvogel received her degree in a higher education administration from the University of Michigan and also worked as a senior research director for the Gallup Organization.

Jennifer Spielvogel