New Mexico 11 Year Old Kidnapped Found Dead

Monday, May 2, 2016, a light skinned Native American man in his 20s or 30s lured two small children. The two children being Ashlynne Mike and her younger brother Ian into his van. The man then was offering the two siblings to see a movie with the him. However, later he took the little girl into the woods and returned alone. While the little boy was able to get away. The little 11-year-old Ashlynne Mike’s body was found on Tuesday close to a rock formation in the small town in New Mexico.

Ian, the brother of Ashlynne Mike, says the man has a tear drop under his left eye. He was driving a maroon colored van with no hubcaps and a luggage rack on the back of the van. Ian then explains that he was not sure of getting into the van, but he did not want his sister to go by herself, so he went along too.

Kid From New Mexico Found Dead

Authorities and family of Ashlynne Mike stated then the man took them to an isolated place. Near the edge of the Nation largest Indian reservation in New Mexico. He was running in darkness and scared for over 2 miles to a nearby highway of the Navajo Nation, where thankfully a passing vehicle found the boy on Monday night. Early in the morning at 2:30 am the Amber Alter for the 11-year-old missing girl Ashley Mike. Which was after getting as much information from her younger brother Ian.

Family members of the siblings stated the authorities struggled to receive information from the young boy. Ian couldn’t stop crying for his sister. Tuesday, May 3, 2016, police authorities arrested a man 27-years-old having a connection with the death of Ashlynne Mike and the abduction of both children.

The siblings lived only about a quarter mile from their bus stop. Where they would then attend Ojo Amarillo Elementary School in Fruitland, New Mexico. Remembering Ashley Mike as a smart, quiet, kind girl who love playing the xylophone as people of the community center in Shiprock held a candlelight vigil on Tuesday night. Hundreds were inside and outside of the tiny hall in support for Ashlynne and her family.