Detroit Public School Teachers Boycott

Today almost all Detroit public schools are closing after the teachers called out sick due to union members urging. Union members have told over the week that the Detroit school districts won’t be able to pay the teachers starting the summer of 2016.

About 46,000 students are in the school district. And the parents of these students are not happy according to the news. Michelle Zdrodowski, the Detroit school district spokeswoman, says there is an email sent this morning Monday, May 2, 2016. Stating that there will be 94 schools closes out of 97.

The movement of the Detroit Federation of Teachers was publicly announcing May 1st, 2016. After the fact that the Detroit Public School transition manager stated the school district would no longer have the funds. So they can continue paying the teachers for the summer of 2016 due to no funding from the State of Michigan.

The Detroit Public Schools are breaking the agreement in America that a day’s work earns a day’s pay. The teachers of the area want to be in the classroom teaching. And giving their students the chance reach their full potential.

The cut in pay is not only undermining the student’s learning. But also severely unfair to the teachers who have dedicated their time. Also the efforts to the children and young adults that are living in an area where there is very little room for growth. Union members encourage the boycott as it only seems fair. And right in the light of going unpaid for work otherwise.

Detroit Federation of Teachers Interim President Ivy Bailey says the district refusing to pay the guaranteed pay for the teachers work is only causing problems. It is as if the intention is locking the teachers of the impoverished area out of their classrooms.

The Governor of Michigan, Rick Snyder, signs into law an emergency fund. To allow the schools to operate through the end of the school year of 2016. There has been a plan that would pay off the school district’s massive debt of $720 million. The funding would no longer be able to support the summers specials education programs. Or summer school after June 30th, 2016.

Teachers Boycott