Digital Glasses Aid 12 Yr Old Boy’s First Sight: Mom

“Mommy, there you are!” were the words that 12-year-old Christopher Ward Jr. said once he saw his mother for the first time. Little Chris was diagnosed at birth with optic nerve hypoplasia. Which only allowed him to see five inches from his nose. His mother educated herself on his condition for years. After learning about eSight digital glasses decided to take him to Washington, DC from their home in Virginia to give them a try.

eSight glasses use a small, high-resolution camera that live streams enhanced video directly in front of the user’s eyes. The software guarantees no delay in time which allows the user to go from reading a book to looking at someone across the room.

Sadly these don’t work for everyone. Although, it shows to work for 85% of the visually impaired population. The eSight glasses are ineffective for those that are entirely blind or severely sight-impaired. Thankfully, they do work for the legally blind and those with low vision, like Chris.

“Pretty cool glasses, huh?” Chris said, drawing a laugh.
Christopher’s reaction to seeing his mom for the first time brought her to tears; he just could not stop saying how beautiful she looked to him. eSight Eyewear has also helped a mother to see her baby for the first time. As well as other kids as young as six view the world around them they hadn’t seen before.

The difference these digital glasses can make in Chris’ life is painfully evident. He learned Braille and frequently uses a special typewriter for his school assignments since he can’t read the words on a printed page. Even now some textbooks aren’t available to him. As he moves on to high school, sticking to paper and a typewriter becomes more difficult since the school primarily uses computers, which Chris can’t see at all.

Unfortunately, one pair of eSight glasses cost $15,000, though the company offers free demos. Chris’s mother Marquita Hackley says there is no price tag on her son’s ability to see the world, she will not give up to do whatever it takes to raise the money for the eSight glasses.

Chris’s mother set up a funding campaign, and before Ms. Hackley closed the fundraiser 565 donors had raised $25,241!

Chris and his mom are happy by all the well-wishes and support. People are sharing that the extra funds put into a trust fund for Chris’s college tuition.