Drake Johnson Hit By Forklift

The senior running back Drake Johnson was hit by a forklift during practice at Michigan University on Wednesday. Witnesses of the incident say that he was stretching on the field when the forklift hit him. He quickly went to the hospital. Drake Johnson says all he can say is thank God; he was not fatally or severely hurt by the unusual accident.

Thankfully, Johnson was able to walk away from the accident after it happen, but, as of Wednesday, his full bill of health from the hospital hasn’t been releasing yet. They are doing tests to ensure that there are no long-term injuries.

Johnson weighs in at 210 pounds and stands tall at 6-foot-1. Many are saying that the accident could have been much worse for someone of small stature. His coach is calling it a miracle that his player was able to walk off the field, crediting the player’s bulk for his recovery.

An injury like this is very uncommon in the sports world. Details about how the forklift missing seeing the large player on the field have are yet to be release. Fans and teammates are all anxiously hoping for a speedy recovery during this offseason.

The player has had past injuries during his career but has always returned to the field. At the young age of 22, he tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee twice.

Star of the team, Johnson is Michigan Wolverines’ key player on offense in 2016. The future months could be the greatest statistical season for the team if he pulls through this accident. If Johnson misses any of the season or the whole season, it could be a huge blow to his team and for head coach Jim Harbaugh.

Johnson joined the Michigan Wolverines football team in 2012 as a running back. 2016 marks his 5th year; the senior has played for Ann Arbor Pioneer playing prep ball.

He brought the Michigan Wolverines 4 touchdowns on 54 carries this season and rushed 271 yards. His career is marked by a high of 361 yards in the year 2014. On 96 yards, he has caught six passes for two touchdowns. The player is making big waves at the university.