Taco Bell Online Order: Sensitive Skin

The all-time favorite Mexican fast food chain Taco Bell is pairing with Slack, the employee messaging service, so that customers can order online with TacoBot. As of now, only a handful of places in the United States has this new service. Los Angeles is among the select that have been testing it out the Taco Bell online order for the past few weeks.

Customers can choose from a pre-selected menu of Taco Bell’s most favorited items. Some of the most popular food items on their menu include the double decker taco supreme; XXL grilled stuffed burrito, beefy crunch burrito with flaming hot Fritos, and the famous Doritos Locos tacos.

Taco Bell’s fans need to have an account on the mobile and online ordering site which made its debut in September 2015. From there, they must add TacoBot as a friend on Slack and then place their order directly; they even have the option of paying online. Friends and large groups can also order together.

Employees from Taco Bell came up with this crafty idea. Many enthused that they would use it regularly as they already use Slack. Slack is a communication marking tool used by many customers and staff. Fans are supporting the idea of the company working with Taco Bell; why only use the app for chatting when it could double as an order board?

As of now, Taco Bell’s TacoBot only allows orders with in-store pickups, meaning you must be near a Taco Bell store and do the leg work yourself. Your food will be in the works as you drive to the building. A Taco Bell online order through the app is a simple way to cut out the wait time in line.

There are 65,000 Taco Bell’s worldwide. Glen Bell started the taco business in the year 1954 and named it Bell’s Drive-In and Taco Tia. The first official Taco Bell restaurant appeared in Downey California in the early 60’s.

From 1970 through 1980, Taco Bell went public with a total of 325 restaurants. Later Pepsi Company became a shareholder of 868 restaurants. Since then, Taco Bell has been a nationally recognized name. Taking part of many things from fundraising to sending tacos to remote areas of the world like Alaska, has kept much attention on the taco giant.

Sensitive Skin