Health Tips: Soothing Sensitive Skin

A care routine for sensitive skin can be complicating because harsh acne treatments can worsen your condition. Even though the most common skin ointments or creams may not work for you, there are still plenty of options to consider.

Signs of sensitive skins ranges from getting bright red pimples on your face, becoming red on your neck or face when you’re angering or embarrassed, and having the constant effect of looking sunburns even when you’re not.

Other indications can include having a burning sensation when applying makeup, toners, sunscreens or lotions to your skin. Breakouts and dry skin from shampoos, bubble baths or scented laundry detergent are also reactions of easily reactive skin.

Frequent high to mild levels of physical or mental stress can stimulate irritable skin. Your body may develop redness or bumps in response to stressful events. It’s almost like being allergic to mood changes. Though it may seem strange, it is possible to have what appears to be an allergic reaction without coming into contact with anything.

Sensitive skin will always overact to any irritation by becoming inflamed and itchy. Coming into different temperatures from one to another will make sensitive skin break out. Even drinking hot liquids or spicy foods can cause temperamental reactions.

Rosacea is another common type of sensitive skin. Many people suffering from this will have dark spots long after acne is gone or healed. These dark spots can worsen depending on how dark your complexion is and how much you tend to break out.

Having a good skin care routine for your sensitive skin will lower your chances for both inflammation and dark spots. Avoid any products that have fragrances, herbal essences, essential oils, and scents. Protecting your skin from the sun is crucial. Either stay in the shade or use a big hat to cover your skin.

Don’t use anything with alpha lipoic acids or dimethylaminoethanol. These ingredients will only replace acne scars with more dark spots. Skin lighteners will not help as sensitive spots will not tolerate the hydroquinone they contain, which is harsh on sensitive skin. Products that are beneficial for sensitive skin care include redness soothing facial cleanser and oil balancing wipes.

Sensitive Skin