Colorectal Cancer: Most Deadly

In the United States, colorectal cancer is the third most commonly diagnosingsease of its kind. With more than 100,000 people suffering from it, it is the most deadly form of cancer.

Colorectal cancer starts in the large intestine which includes the colon and the rectum. During the digestive process, food moves through the stomach and small intestine into the colon, where the colon soaks all the nutrients and water from the food. Where all the waste is sent to the colon and following into the rectum before it leaves the body.

Most colorectal cancers are malignant tumors forms from epithelial tissue. This type of cancer is also known as colon cancer. It begins as a polyp growing on the inner wall of the colon or rectum. Not all polyps are cancerous, but can evolve into hazards over time.

Some of the causes include obesity, high blood pressure, poor diet and other factors. The death rate of colon cancer has gone down drastically with the use of colonoscopies and blood test the stool. Doctors reason that it is important to get a regular checkup because finding and removing polyps can prevent cancer.

There is treatment, but first, the physicians must run tests to determine what stage it is. It’s important to know what stage you’re in to determine what is the best treatment plan. Some of the varied tests can be a Ct scan, MRI, PET scan, Chest x-ray, lymph node biopsy, or even surgery. Some of these tests can be perceived as frightening or time-consuming, but every stage of colon cancer is treated differently for individual patients.

Chemotherapy is a common treatment that destroys cancer cells and helps to reduce the risk of cancer returning or spreading throughout the body. Typically radiation therapy and chemotherapy are uses together. Radiation therapy will shrink polyps, tumors, and kill cancer cells. It will relieve or cure symptoms of colorectal cancer.

There are many types of treatments. Exercising, meditation, music therapy, movement therapy and relaxation exercises can help to relieve some distress during treatments.

Most Deadly