7 Hurt: Southern State Tornado Touchdowns

Close to nine million people in the states of Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas were the bull’s-eye of horrible storms and multiple tornado touchdowns on Wednesday. Earlier that day, the national weather prediction center indicated that the highest risk area was Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.

At least seven people were reports to be injuring while the authorities are still checking damaging houses after the server storm hit on Wednesday, March 30, 2016. One victim was in critical condition while the others are in server condition. Meteorologists are saying that numerous tornadoes touched down that evening, sweeping through the northeastern region of Oklahoma. Northern Tulsa and Owasso areas were also affected.

Many victims of the storm reports that police and fire officials went door to door to make sure every person was accounted for. So far, no one has been reports as missing at this time. Local authorities also swept the area to assist anyone who needed immediate medical care.

Damaging hail, heavy rains, tornadoes and flash flooding have created major problems for the area. Some businesses and residences are without roofs and have incurring substantial structural damage. Nearly 5,000 people are without power as a result of the storm’s destructive path.

Many rounds of intense thunderstorms produced 2 to 4 inches of rain; in some states up to 6 inches. Forecasters are saying more than 8 million people are at high risk of severe weather yet to come. The national weather forecast has put in affect a flash flood watch through Thursday evening.

Storms developing over Alabama and the lower Mississippi River Valley are predictes to create winds up to 70 mph, quarter size hail, heavy rains, and the threats of more tornadoes. Even in Georgia, the forecast is preparing for 4 inches of rain in the western regions of the state.

Unfortunately, the possibility of more tornado touchdowns remain a threat from the same storms that hit in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas. If you’re in the destructible path of these storms keeping safe is the number one priority. Secure yourself in a room without windows. Use your hands and arms to protect your head and neck from any debris.