Republican Primary Polls: An Historic Tale?

The Donald Trump train keeps rolling down the tracks as Republican primary polls continue to show he’s looking strong going into Michigan’s March 8th primary.

As of today, Trump holds a commanding lead of 33.7% with the next closest Republican. John Kasich (John who?) coming in at 13%. Cruz and Rubio followed with 12.7% and 11.3% respectively.

With Trump winning’s piling up, a new theme has arisen among at least one of the candidates, in this case, Marco Rubio. With the odds of him pulling out some kind of miracle victory, his tune is changing, as are his followers.

To his 1500 or so supporters at a rally in Kentwood, Michigan, he said that the party is going to lose if it does not stop fighting each other. He is calling for unity.

Republican primary polls are beginning to tell a tale that is making some candidates. Perhaps like Rubio, execute that turn from trying to win a hopeless battle into trying to help the party win.

One of Rubio’s supporters echoed a sentiment that may indicate why the Republican Party is going through such a frustrating upheaval. Susan V. of Rockford, Michigan said. “I believe the party has to coalesce, and I believe he’s (Rubio) the only one that can bring the aisle together.”

The Bitter Pill For the Republican Establishment?

However, could it be that the message many Republicans may be sending the party (That the party doesn’t want to hear) is this:
The message many Republicans may be sending that they party doesn’t want to hear is may be this:
1. No one wants to coalesce.
2. No one wants the status quo or any part of it.
3. No one wants to compromise with the Washington establishment.
4. No one wants to appease career politicians, the special interests and those who are so desperately terrified at the prospect that Trump is an outsider who will not ‘honor the code’ and keep them in power.
5. Your worry over Trump indicates we’re on the right track.

It’s reminiscent of the 1995 motion picture, “Braveheart,” where a ‘commoner’ named William Wallace (portrayed by Mel Gibson) began a revolt against England without the support of The Nobles of Scotland. (The wealthy landowners who had power over the common and mostly poor people of Scotland, including the Highlanders) Wallace neither asked for nor needed their support. He simply went to war with those who believed as he did, without the support of the establishment. Sound familiar?

After Wallace had proven he could win on the battlefield against King Edward Longshanks’ initial attempt to quell his rebellion. He is greeted by Scotland’s Nobles with open arms. And in a moment that may reproduce itself here in the United States with Donald Trump. The first action one of the Scottish Nobles takes with Wallace is to ask him to recognize. As well as affirm his land and titles which are in dispute. The welfare of the nation wasn’t the concern of the Nobleman. Although, rather only maintaining his position of power and wealth.

At this point in the campaign, much like William Wallace in his crusade against England, neither side wants Trump to win. The Democrats want a Democrat, and the Republicans don’t want the equivalent of a ‘commoner’ running their party.

As Republican primary polls roll in one after another, are the ‘Nobles’ becoming even more nervous. Is Marco Rubio’s call for unity a sign that the first of the ‘Nobles’ is turning to Trump in a symbolic, initial gesture to be the first to sit at the Trump table?