US Sailors Freed By Iranian Navy

Thursday, the good news came of US sailors freed by their Iranian captures. The ten American sailors had been detained on Tuesday after they had entering Iran’s territorial waters. The announcement came Wednesday from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps. The IRGC is the body responsible for border surveillance, the same IRGC who captured and detained the US sailors and their ships.

According to a statement made on state television early in the afternoon local time the decision was made only after ensuring that the presence of American armed forces in Iranian waters was the result an unintentional technical failure.

The statement also says that the Marines apologized. Also promises not to repeat the mistake.

The Pasdaran Admiral, Ali Fadavi was notified of a phone call from US Secretary of State Kerry to his counterpart in Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif. That conversation included “calling for the release of the marines.”

Zarif maintained a very firm position, stating that the Marines were in Iran’s international waters and that it was necessary that the United States apologize for what happened. “The naval forces of the IRGC await the orders to release the US Marines” assured Fadavi.

According to the public relations department of the IRGC, the capture took place at 4:30 PM local time Tuesday. It was reporting that two US combat boats carrying ten armed Marines entered Iranian waters near the island of Farsi. The detainees were “interrogating to find out their intentions”, General Ramazan Sharif told Tasnim News. He also said that they were being treating “Islamically” and were completely safe.

“They made the necessary warnings,” said the general. Once addressing, the ships were inspecting for weapons and technical equipment, he adds. The Pasdaran have insisting that the boats were two kilometers inside Iranian territorial waters when they were captures. Where the ships’ GPS also confirm this to be accurate.

Admiral Fadavi said that the incident was due to technical problems in the navigation system of US ships. Hence, he says that the Marines “will be releasing.” Iran upheld their word and releases the ten US Marines.

Secretary of US Defense Ash Carter also said he was “happy” by the release and early return of the American sailors. He wanted to thank John Kerry personally for him ensuring the return of our sailors.

US defense secretary says the US Navy assists foreign sailors in danger around the world.

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