Useful Tricks For Apple TV

So you got rid of cable and purchased the new Apple TV. With a touchscreen remote, an App Store, and Siri, it’s not just for Apple fans. Some of the best functions can get confusing unless you know how to use them. Here are some tricks for getting the most out of your Apple TV.

Make Siri Your Best Friend

Apple’s virtual assistant becomes powerful when pairing her with the Apple TV. Not only can it discover movies and shows that you want to watch, but it can also understand contextual quests. Push the microphone button on your remote and speak: “Find French action movies,” and Siri will give you a result list. However, if you get more specific— “with Luc Besson” — Siri will giveyou a shorter list of movies involving both of the spoken requirements.

“What did he just say?”

Tap the microphone button and speak the phrase mentioned above. Siri will rewind the playback 15 seconds so you can again hear the part you missed. Siri will also turn on captions; just ask for it.

Swipe left, swipe right

To decrease the speed of the recording while watching a movie, swipe left on the remote’s surface. To go further in the playback, swipe right. The quicker you swipe, the quicker it moves back or ahead. You can access a content preview at the bottom of your screen.

Switch between applications

To switch between apps instantly, just push the Home button twice. Then the App Switcher comes up, and you can swipe left or right to get to a particular location. For selecting an app, just push the touch surface once.

Force quitting apps.

If you’re watching HBO Go and it becomes unresponsive, the only option is to force it to stop and then restart. To do this, access the App Switcher and select the one you want to stop. Swipe up on the surface and relaunch the application – you should up and running again shortly.

Until November 2015, Apple TV had not been renewed for three years, and it shows. In that time, streaming machines from rivals like Roku and Google took over the media streaming space. But with its fourth-gen Apple TV, the tech giant is definitely ready to do battle again!