The Force Awakens Shattering Box Office Records

Since its release on December 17 last year, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has broken box office records just as the critics predicting. Regardless, there was no shortage of criticism for the newest movie in the Star Wars franchise. Critic’s opinions ranges from being reluctantly impressing to completely overjoys. But one thing was perfectly clear, everyone thought the saga regaining its stellar reputation as the all-time epic space saga. This came as a relief after it was somewhat tarnishing by the disappointing prequels.

Let’s refresh our memory of what the top critics had to say about ‘The Force Awakens’ by recapping what NME’s Larry Bartleet compiled of last December’s movie reviews:

THE INDEPENDENT – Gave ‘The Force Awakens’ four stars, and objectively considered it their favorite Star Wars movie yet.

EMPIRE – Also gave the movie four stars, and thought it was beautifully crafting. Even if a bit different from the previous movies. They found the saga was strengthening and deepened by the new characters and the refreshing overall feel of this installment.

THE TIMES – Gave the seventh Star Wars movie five stars, and raved about the panoramic cinematography and blockbuster action as well as sang the praises of the new heroine.

NME – Awards ‘The Force Awakens’ with four stars, and was impressing how the original cast members melded with the new, making for a richer, more mythological saga.

THE DAILY MIRROR – Gave the movie four stars as well, though for the entertaining humor that was woven through the two-hours-plus film. They applauded the references made to the original Star Wars trilogy and for the adorable chirps and beeps of BB-8.

THE TELEGRAPH – Thought ‘The Force Awakens’ deserved five stars for its stunning cinematography.

THE GUARDIAN – Gave five stars also. The called it a family movie that offered intergalactic romance and melodramatic sci-fi energy all wrapped up in one.

That all being said, the box office has loves ‘The Force Awakens’ too. The seventh installment of the space saga now spans a magnificent 40 years. Disney announcing that only three weeks after it was releases. ‘The Force Awakens’ was rated fourth for the highest-grossing movies of all time. Disney reports that the latest installment of Star Wars has already grossed over 1.5 billion dollars worldwide.

Imagining that George Lucas is kicking himself about now when he thinks about how he let the franchise go to Disney for a mere 4.06 billion dollars back in 2012. Some people have it rough.

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