A Horrific Example Of Sharia Law

U.S. Special Forces in Iraq reported that they have uncovering ISIS policy documents regarding sex slavery, revealing a clear. And very disturbing example of Sharia Law. The Fatwa apparently describes in detail, when an ISIS slave owner is permitting to have sex with their slaves, according to Reuters News Tuesday.

As the terrorist organization grows and expands, it is forcibly taking women captives and selling them for profit. ISIS has developed many other methods for producing income streams through atrocities such as this. Other ways include drug trafficking, ransom demands, and plundering.

Last Spring, the Human Rights Watch organization released the details of the horrific system of slavery, rape, forced marriage, and abuse of 20 Iraqi women in the Norther part of Iraq.

The mandate, releases by ISIS’s Committee of Reasearch in Late January, was found in Syria after the raid on ISIS leader Abu Sayyaf, Sayyaf died in the incursion, and his wife capturing.

The document says that a son and father can’t have sex with the same woman slave; the owner of sisters or a daughter and mother can’t be with both; and is you own a pregnant slave can’t sell her.

What this barbaric law does permit is this:

  • Any man can have sex with his female slaves, at will.
  • The owner of mother/daughter/sister slaves must select which of these he will have sex with at his choosing.
  • And, if you make one of these slaves pregnant, you must do her the courtesy of not selling her.

When Iraqi women become slaves, the Fatwa now dictates that the last owner cannot have any further relations with her. She is considered free from him. She does however now become the property of the new owner with all the rights and sexual privileges as described above.

The document states the enslaving children and women is an “inevitable consequence of jihad.” It also bans having sex with a menstruating or pregnant slave, cause an abortion. Or sell a slave to an individual that he knows will mistreat her.

Being a slave itself, and having to submit to sex at the whim of the owner is not considered ‘mistreatment.’

The new rules are in place because some brothers commit violations as far as the treatment of woman slaves. These violations will not be allowed under Sharia law.

People living in the group’s self-proclaimed caliphate (jurisdiction) in Iraq and Syria are subjects of that caliphate and thereby answerable to its Islamic judges and courts.

The Fatwa is another demonstration of ISIS trying to impose state rules under their version of Islamic law. Their State institutions now carry the power to impose taxes and Sharia law.

The terrorist organization is now in the process of forming departments. These administrations will watch over war spoils such as captives and oil rigs. Also valuables seized in Syria and Iraq.

Reuters is reporting that U.S. troops are in possession of more sizable amounts of valuable data captures in the raid. Many computers, paper, and hard drives have yet to be evaluating and releases.

This week has proven to be not only a good week on the battlefield, but also in the propaganda war. ISIS’s goal to project an image of invincibility has been significantly damaging with the retaking of Ramadi by Iraqi forces.