Extreme Flooding In Alabama Continues

Beleaguered residents brace as extreme flooding in Alabama continues to pummel the State. The tired, many homeless and those without power are still trying to recover from a week of severe weather. A major tornado hit Birmingham, leaving miles of destruction in its path. This on top of record-breaking rainfall measuring from 12″ to 18″ with more coming on both Saturday. As well as Sunday reports the National Weather Service.

The last thing on the mind of Alabamians has been celebrating the yuletide season. The deadly weather across the Southern US has claimed at least 17 lives. And left untold numbers homeless and without power.

Holiday good will has taken the form of volunteers building walls of sandbags in places like Southern Alabama’s small town of Elba. Authorities have asked the citizens to evacuate as water levels are nearing the top of levees.

The Governor of Alabama, Robert Bently had the unenviable task of declaring a state of emergency on Christmas Eve. He’s been out touring areas like Elba, where there are reports of at least two people are unaccounted for in the floodwaters.

Nearly 200 roads will not be in use on Saturday. Which is having a devastating effect on every county of the state. Emergency crews and services are hamstrung with limiting the ability to get to areas of need.

Extreme Flooding In Alabama

The devastation has been in many southeastern states as storms have pounding the region from as far north as Indianapolis to the Gulf coast of Florida. Texas and Louisiana are bracing for the likelihood of more tornadoes on Saturday and Sunday.

In Mississippi, eight people lost their lives with scores of others injuring. The City of Columbia Fire Department, located 47 miles south of Nashville, confirming that six people had been killed. Three of those victims were discovered dead; trapped in a submerged car in a flooded creek.

Arkansas reported one fatality thus far.

Although Christmas 2015 will be remembered for the devastation of tornadoes, large hail, flash flooding and its victims, it will also be remembered for something else.

Memories of heroes, volunteers, neighbors and friends who demonstrating what the Christmas Spirit looks like in action are bound to last even longer.