National Intolerance: Muslim Countries Ban Christmas

In an act of national intolerance, this year, three Muslim Countries now Ban Christmas. Don’t get caught celebrating the yuletide season in Brunei, Somalia or Tajikistan. If you do, you will be sent to prison for as many as five years, reports Reuters.

The government of Brunei appears to be the boldest in leading this movement of religious intolerance. Also outright persecution of peoples of other faith.

The country, which is rich in crude oil has announcing its ban on Christmas now for its fifth year. Under the leadership of Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah. The country has made it publicly known that it is steadily moving towards the enforcement of Muslim Sharia Law. Showing no hesitation to proclaim that eventually the barbaric practices of stoning offenders to death. As well as chopping off limbs would be instituting in the future.

It’s OK if there’s money in it

It seems as though the ban on Christmas as an offense to Islam does not apply when it comes to some of the overseas business holdings of the Sultan. Included among his approximate $20 Billion fortune is ownership of Hollywood’s historic Beverly Hills Hotel, with rooms starting today at $530 per night US. The Hotel, which is part of the Dorchester Collection, boasts luxury hotels in Rome, Paris, London and Milan. None of these hotels currently ban Christmas. Rather, they are elaborately decorated at great expense for the Christian holiday.

The website for the Dorchester Collection at Beverly Hills Hotel is, in fact, making additional profits selling ad space for “Grinchmas.”. The production is present by Universal Studios Hollywood and promoting on the site a local attraction for their customers to enjoy.

In further promotion of Christmas, the same website guides its guests to other local hot spots like the Alex Theater, and it’s Christmas production of The Nutcracker.

Due to the persecution and execution by stoning of homosexuals under Sharia law. Some of Hollywood’s elite have come forward to lead a boycott against the Dorchester Hotels. Famous names included in the call to boycott are Jay Leno, John Legend, Richard Branson and Ellen Degeneres.