Don’t Miss It: Linux Mint Upgrade

The upgrade to Linux Mint, nicknamed Rosa, is one that users don’t want to miss.

This recent release, version 17.3 is available in the Cinnamon and MATE desktop editions. It hit servers the beginning of this month. A couple of days later, the pack was available for existing Linux users. That reduces the need for installation and configuring all applications and settings to use the new edition.

In comparison to the many recurring Ubuntu releases series, Linux Mint upgrade will not disappoint you.

Some of the main additions include how to handle managing drivers and software updates. Rosa has upgraded software apps and brings many new features from the Cinnamon 2.8.

One significant improvement is choosing localized servers for extremely faster downloads of files. Another huge addition is refining the Cinnamon desktop. You can experiment with other systems that have a Cinnamon edition, but you’ll hardly find one that will exceed the performance you get from using it on Linux Mint. Still, in choosing the desktop application, it comes down to hardware performance and personal user preference.

Changes for both MATE and Cinnamon include an advanced Driver Manager. Before searching for drivers it restores the cache and shows installation and update errors if there are any. They sort the drivers list by the state of use.

While using mobile devices & touchscreens on the main log-in screen, a virtual keyboard comes up. The keyboard is on the default theme, providing both special and common characters.

Window managers and Screen-tearing have upgraded desktop assistance for improved window management. Besides the standard Metacity, Xfwm4, and Marco window managers, three major additions are built in: Compiz, Openbox, and Compton.

Linux is all about comparing different versions and builds. The new Mint 17.3 is the winner by many standards. Many OS software developers consider it to outperform Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS update.

You can try and run a test between the two by upgrading a Windows 7 installation on a legacy computer onto Windows 10.

The Cortana assistant manager is already passed and shut off by default. The newly designed tiles and menus are boring. There isn’t much else that’s new apart from the feature of the virtual desktop from Linux.

The Linux Mint upgrade 17.3, either MATE or Cinnamon, is the ideal system by Linux. It’s also a crushing alternative to Windows 10.

Linux Mint Upgrade