Teacher Hospitalized After Eating Marijuana Brownies

HIGHLAND TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — Authorities say three Detroit teachers got sick after consuming marijuana-laced brownies put out in a school lounge. According to marijuana expert and author Mitch Earleywine, marijuana brownies are far more potent, even psychedelic because of the how the drug gets metabolizing by the liver. Earlywine is also the professor of psychology at Albany’s State Univerity of New York.

After three staff members had complaining about food poisoning at a Detroit elementary school the community was baffling to find out what could have causing them to become so sick. One of those three staff members visited a local hospital where they tested positive for Marijuana in their system.

Oakland County sheriff’s officials reported on Friday that agents were calling Wednesday to Spring Mills Elementary School in Highland Township on a tainted food complaint.

“As often happens, a plate of brownies was left in one of our staff rooms. The frightening part is that the baked goods were filled with marijuana”, a teacher says. The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office says one of the school’s teachers went to a hospital after she started feeling sick. The teacher stated that the only item she had consumed was a brownie from the staff break room. The other two did not seek medical treatment. Deputies from the Highland Township Substation recovered the remaining brownies from the staff break room that tested positive for the drug at the Forensics Laboratory.

“No headache or lasting negative effect no matter how much is consuming,” a Facebook user naming Ben Yokel, wrote before citing statistics on drug deaths from the Center of Disease Control that reportedly show zero annual deaths marijuana.

“Some numbers are directly from the CDC … website
Numbers of deaths per year in the United States of America:
* Prescription Drugs: 227,585
* Tobacco: 380,475
* Alcohol: 88,013
* Cocaine: 4,906
* Heroin: 7,100
* Aspirin: 453
* Acetaminophen (Tylenol): 168
* Marijuana: 0, none, not a single lethal overdose in all history” Yokel wrote.

Others posters believe that regardless of the long-term effects, it’s still wrong to slip drugs to someone else, even if they’re relatively harmless. A remark from Huron Valley School Superintendent Jim Baker warned employees about consuming anything from unknown sources.

Was it an adult or a student who slipped the brownies inside the teachers’ lounge? Kate Lloyd, a parent, shudders to think what could have happened.  As well as that she was greatly relieved that one of the students didn’t eat any of them. Being a mother, she says she is afraid for her child.

Police say two other teachers felt “sick” but didn’t seek medical treatment.

Huron Valley School’s officials say they are working with law enforcement to determine who brought the “infected” brownies to school. Officials also mention they don’t know whether they were put out deliberately or brought by mistake. Since Spring Mills Elementary School  students are pre-teenagers only, it’s being assuming, though not officially that the pot-brownies were brought in by one of the staff members, perhaps as a holiday joke.

The district serves different Oakland County communities, including Highland Township.

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