Sean Penn’s Answer For Global Climate Change

Along with eight other attendees in a Paris meeting including Jared Leto and Robert Redford. The famous actor and environmental activist offered his answer for global climate change.

According to him, climate skeptics don’t even exist; there are just people who are programming to a certain way of thinking. This subtle message has to do with his long-time criticisms of the Fox News channel that, as he puts, is responsible for spreading useless propaganda on this topic. He also went on to say characterize viewers of the number one rating news network as having, “… degrading to Fox network thinking.”

In 2010, Penn was involving in a similar conflict with journalists who calls the former president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, a “dictator.” He’s wanting all of them to be put in jail for such declarations.

Penn’s credibility had been straining over the years, to say the least. Dating back to as far as 1989 when he was involved in a reportage hostage situation where he bound and gagged then-wife, Madonna. In her words, after her tieing her up, Sean made a liquor-store run to pick up more booze. Upon returning after several hours, she stated to police that he continued terrorizing her. And would only untie her when she “agreed to perform a degrading sex act on him.” When she finally escaped, she fled to the Sherrif’s Department where the officer in charge stated she was unrecognizable. Also having been crying and bleeding from the mouth.

Reporting first that Police charging Sean Penn with felony domestic assault, but ended pleading guilty to a misdemeanor. Later the DA’s office stating that charges were never filed.

Since that time, Penn has had a well-known record of violent behavior. One such incident was caught on video where he attacks a reporter. Other videos have surfaced where he. For example, went after a fan who tries to take a picture of him in public with his cellphone.

Global Climate Change