Walmart Worker Fired After Finding $350

The Walmart worker fired this time was in his 18th year of service as a maintenance man. Michael Walsh’s employment was terminated for moving too slowly to turn in cash he found. According to him, he was called into the manager’s office and eventually fired for the “gross action.” As it turns out, he’s not the only Walmart worker fired under similar circumstances.

While doing his garbage-cleaning duties in the parking lot, Walsh found a $5 bill. He then went to the manager to returning the cash and, after this, resumed his cleaning activity. Later on, near the same spot, he found a stack of $10 and $20 bills and nothing else to indicate who the owner was. Once he finished his cleaning job, he returned to manager’s office to turn in the discovered bills. The problem was that he turned over the cash about 30 minutes after he found them.

Several days later, Walsh was fired from his position. Also had to relinquish his 10% discount card he’d earned as an employee of Walmart. The man says that during his career working at the store, he was never given any instructions or policy documentation in the case of finding money.

“I liked my job and always tried to be a good employee showing up on time every day,” says Michael. “I never thought that I will be threatened like a criminal,” he also added in an interview.

The store manager offered no comment on Walsh or his work record.

Not a new thing for Walmart

On the same day in New York, another worker – Thomas Smith was fired for redeeming $2 worth of returnable bottles and cans he found left in a shopping cart.

Multiple, national workers rights organizations, are accusing Walmart management team of bogus accusations. They’ve also begun to call for a boycott in response to this recent action. The retail giant has been the focus of many labor disputes, among them the national protests last December by employees seeking full-time status and higher wages.

Today, Walsh is looking for another job, possibly at a different retail store in New York.