Machines Talking For Us

Last month, Microsoft published “Future Visions” – a series of short stories released by a few recognized fiction writers. The e-book can be downloaded for free on Amazon. After reading it, the trend in technology suggests that increasingly, we will see machines talking for us.

The collection contains predictions on what major tech advancements are supposed to be seen in the upcoming future, as soon as 2016.

According to Lili Chen – an engineer at Microsoft, we can expect machines to help us even more in our daily lives. We will gradually change the way we use common devices like phones and computers, says Lili.

Some of the following are included in the original list published by the technology giant:
• Better performance for CPUs and GPUs as a result of new silicon architectures;
• Larger data-storage on cloud platforms;
• Digital Pens return, in a better shape and form;
• Better Wi-fi and Connection Encryption;
• Increased Productivity for web operations;
• AI (Artificial Intelligence) and digital speech;
• More devices for monitoring a person’s metabolic state.

Additionally, ethics in big data becomes a focus point for many industry leaders. The privacy implications of personal data storage have been an ongoing topic of debate.

It is expecting in 2016, that companies will adopt new communication curriculums to aid us in conversing between the public and legal and medical fields. A key security feature will involve the use of web connections that are resistant to hacking by software bots.

Online conversations will include assistants who, apparently, will make us laugh. They will be in a form of “talk-helpers” that will help us engage in conversations and also prevent us from typing stupid things.

For Back to The Future Fans: sorry, but no flying cars and hover boards. Also, wearing two ties will still not be in fashion.

“Future Visions”