Trump: Ban Muslims From Entering The US

Donald Trump called upon the government of the United States to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the US. He proposed taking this action until “we figure out what is going on.” Mr. Trump declared in September, “I love the Muslims.”

The call is Trump’s response to the ongoing threat of radical Islamic terrorists who’ve openly declared that the US is their target and that they intend to “seed” Syrian refugees with members of their army. Recently, after having claimed to see footage of Muslims cheering after the 9/11 attacks. He suggested the shut down certain mosques.

Following this latest tragedy in San Bernardino, CA, which ISIS has taken credit for directing. Trump’s comments are the most outspoken against Muslim refugees among the presidential candidates. Though taking a firestorm of criticism from Democratic candidates as well as The White House, Trump is not altogether alone in his belief that there should be a religious test to enter the country.

“Until we understand the problem in better details, we cannot be a victim of horrendous attacks coming from people who believe in Jihad,” said the billionaire presidential candidate.

Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims was also criticized by members of The Republican party as well. This is nothing new as he has been a threat to both sides of the aisle since his presidential campaign began.

William Banks, a former law teacher at the Syracuse College of Law. States that Trump’s statement is not only an offense to humanity but is also unconstitutional. White House spokesmen Josh Earnest also condemned the affirmation saying that. “It does not follow the central principles to the founding of this country.”

Trump’s words brought a series of arguments coming from people of different ethnicities and religious views. President of Interfaith Youth Core, Eboo Patel said. “Right now I am standing in a building where I am looking up at the Sears Tower, which was designe by Fazlur Rahman Khan – an architect-engineer born in Bangladesh.”

The Jimmy Carter Revelation

The day following Trumps ban Muslims comment, a flood of news agencies took to the web to remind US citizens. Also the politicians of another politician who held the same views. This one was a Democrat. When the Iranian hostage crisis was taking place. Then President Jimmy Carter banned all Iranians from entering the United States. Nor would he renew the visa of existing Iranians unless there was a medical emergency.

A recent Reuters poll found that the American population is dividing right down the middle as to whether they are for or against Muslim refugees being resettling into their communities.